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Who is Skip McGrath?

I am not one of these guys who just sells books, we really do practice what we preach. My wife and I are eBay Power Sellers and we still sell on eBay every day. Our eBay username is McGrrrrr (Look us up)

Here are my credentials:

* Sold almost 100k on Amazon in the month of December 2012
*eBay Gold Power Seller since 1999
* Contributing editor to eBay Radio
* Only information seller allowed to exhibit at eBay Live
* My books are used in community college adult education classes
* Publish the largest newsletter for professional eBay sellers
* Invited to teach consignment selling by eBay
* Author of seven books about eBay and web marketing and featured expert in the "Proven Amazon Course"

14 years ago after losing my job for the second time in my life, I decided to quit playing the J.O.B. lottery and go into business for myself. My wife took a deep breath and said: "Well there isn't much security in that, but I'm willing to try it for a while." We had just started learning how to sell on eBay so that is where we focused our efforts. We haven't looked back since.

We love what we do and own a business where the majority of the products we sell are shipped directly to our customers from Amazon. As a prefered Amazon and eBay partner I am happy to share what I have learned over the years to our coaching clients.

It has been a special honor and priviledge over the last decade to provide the best training in the world for eBay, Amazon and Online Marketing.

We are very active in the Amazon and eBay community. We have maintained a 100% positive feedback rating since 1998 and exhibited at eBay Live where I have participated in eBay sponsored forums and panel discussions and I am also a contributing editor to eBay radio.

Everything I write about in my courses comes from experience. I use the same tools and techniques I teach about every day. And best of all --I love to teach. I am doing something I love --helping others make money and find psychic and financial freedom. We not only make a great deal of money on eBay and Amazon and with our various websites--it's a lot of fun !!!

eBay and Amazon offers the lowest barrier of entry to making money on the internet. Anyone can learn to build a professional online selling business. Working part-time you can earn extra income for yourself or your family. Work full-time and you can build your business into a complete web-based enterprise with an above-average annual income. With the help of my coaches and competent team of experts you can find the same success as many of my other students.

The Proof Is Right Here OnThis Page.

Look At What Our Students Are Saying About Our Coaching Program....

Here Is An Audio Testimonial Interview From Richard Fryman That we recorded About How Our Coaching Has Made A Huge Impact In His Life And Online Business. Hear how Richard made $10,000.00 in his first 90 Days working with us. Give the audio a minute or so to load.

(Click The Play Button Below)

Here is another very recent Audio Testimonial recorded on from Robyn and Nate Johnson who made $3,000.00 in their first 3 weeks in our program. (Listen to what they have to say about our training below)

Here is another recent Testimonial from one of our clients.

Dear Skip McGrath,
My name is Linda & this is my story: After 25 years of marriage I found myself a single mom to a 10 year old little girl. I was working 50+ hours a week just to make ends meet. This allowed very little time for my daughter or anything else. My job truly consumed my entire life. That is until I discovered Skip McGrath & his eBay Coaching & Marketing system. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to make a living working from home. Therefore, like many people I have fallen prey to several work at home schemes & scams over the years. So I did a lot of research on Skip & his eBay Coaching system before I decided to purchase it. I found a lot of information on Skip, but as much as I tried I could not find anything negative. I knew very little about E-bay, so I was a little hesitant. I had bought a few items over the years from E-bay but had never sold anything on the website. I purchased Skips marketing system in February started the eBay Coaching in March & by the end of June I made the decision to quit my job. The system is very detailed & easy to understand. It has step by step instructions on how to start & grow your business. You are also assigned a experienced powerseller E-bay coach who will work with you & answer any questions you might have. My business continues to grow month over month. Now, not only am I a full time mom making a living working from home, but I absolutely love what I am doing. My daughter & I are very thankful to Skip for giving my little girl her mom back & for giving me my life back.

Linda Lay

Congratulations Linda!! We are happy to have helped you along the way : ) Even though you did the work and made it happen we get massive amounts of gratification in knowing we were able to help you change your life. We know you cant put a price on the value of the time you get to spend with your children and having the freedom and control this business can bring to your life can make life much more enjoyable. We look forward to continue helping you build your online business.

Many Successful Regards,

Skip and Karen McGrath

Here is another client that has created a path to financial freedom with Skip McGrath Coaching

My Path To Financial Freedom

After spending nearly a whole year on line wanting to make a nice little income. I had failed miserably!!!

But I am not one to give up easily so I looked at every opportunity to make money email that came into my in box. So I bought this and bought that program but alas to no avail still not making any money at all. In actual fact I was spending more then I was making as I was buying to many programs.

I really wanted to sell on eBay, again I flitted from one product to another for that first year (if only I could have Focused on one thing!!!)

So this is were my success story starts Focus the number one thing you must do without that you will not succeed on line. I joined a program with Skip McGrath about 12 months ago and I finally understood what I had to do.

And amazingly this is what happened to me!! With the guidance from the Skip McGrath Team I started selling my favourite style of clothing on eBay Tie Dye Fashion. This was easy for me as I loved bringing the clothes home from my supplier and taking photo’s. I started to do what I was being coached to do. I started to market my Groovy Clothes Boutique and magic happened my business started to grow. And after struggling for a year to sell barely $1,000 a month, I became a Silver Powerseller last month after 8 months of starting to do the things I was told to do. To be a Silver Powerseller you need to be selling at least $4,000 a month.

Even so I could have gotten there faster because at the start of selling my tie dyed clothing I was still a bit slow of the mark. Now I have it all under control and I know what to do thanks to the Skip McGrath Team.

Margot Warren

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call 1-800-578-3449

We only have enough coaches to take a few students at a time. One of our coaching specialists will conduct a short phone interview to determine if you could benefit from this exciting and limited program.

Take the first step towards financial freedom. Call 1-800-578-3449 today to see if you qualify. If you are calling after business hours, just leave a message with a number and a good time to call back.

Remember our guarantee. If you do the work, follow through and stay committed to your business we will keep working with you until you are successful.


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