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If You had a free, confidential, no obligation, 30-minute consultation with an eBay/ Amazon expert to discuss the possibilities generating serious eBay & online income what questions would you ask?

Let me make you a serious offer. I would love to help as many people out there as I can but realistically I have found that our coaching program is not for everyone. Is it for you?

The only way to really find out is to take advantage of this limited time opportunity. Right now I am offering a free 30 min. consultation with one of my expert eBay/Amazon business consultants. These consultants will take an up-close and personal look at your individual strengths and weaknesses and give you an honest prospectus on whether or not our coaching program will be a fit for you.

My consultants will treat you with respect and will always point you in the right direction whether it is or it is not something that will work for you. REMEMBER: You miss 100% of the shots you don't take so you owe it to yourself to find out if we should work with each other or not. Cool thing about it is, IT'S FREE!!!

Here is how it works:

STEP 1: fill out the Consultation Profile as accurately & honestly as you can so we can get a fair assessment of what direction you would like to go with your eBay or online business. We will analyze where you are at versus where you want to be and analyze what you could be doing that your not doing now. You will get a free and confidential assessment and we will really spend the time to see if you have the qualities and motivated, positive, focused, mindset that we are looking for to be our next successful student.

STEP 2: After your file is reviewed by one of my expert consultants. They will then call you or email you and setup an appointment to help you that is setup typically around your schedule, when it works best for you. They will qualify you to work with me personally and my top Coach's that I have trained myself.

STEP 3: Whether you qualify or not we are going to provide you with some free eBooks and other bonuses and help you get the most of this conversation. Please have the courage to take the initiative and I promise this will most definitely will be worth you time.

It's That Easy

To speak to a Skip McGrath Coaching Specialist
and see if you qualify,
call 1-800-578-3449

We only have enough coaches to take a few students at a time. One of our coaching specialists will conduct a short phone interview to determine if you could benefit from this exciting and limited program.

Take the first step towards financial freedom. Call 1-800-578-3449 today to see if you qualify. If you are calling after business hours, just leave a message with a number and a good time to call back.

Remember our guarantee. If you do the work, follow through and stay committed to your business we will keep working with you until you are successful.


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