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Now, Lets take a look at where you are at now so we can map out an effective economical plan that we can execute to perfection and quickly help you get to where you want to be. Please Fill Out the Profile Honestly and Correctly. (Getting an accurate assessment will help us to build you a business plan that will be customized to you.)

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How Much Time Do you Spend On the Internet Now?
How long have you been thinking about starting an online business?
Why are you looking into starting an Internet Based Business? Why Now?
Have you ever bought or sold things on eBay before?
Do you have High Speed or dial up Internet Connection?
Are you looking to supplement or replace your income?
Have you ever owned a business before? Yes No
Do you have Ideas, Products, and Services that you would like to market online? Yes No
Do you currently have a website? url:
How much time are you willing to commit per week to your business?
If you could make an extra 5K per month making money on eBay & online what would be the #1 thing you would do with that money? (Pay Debt? Retirement? New Car?)
What are your financial goals this year and why do you feel that this is your year to achieve them?
Explain what your current financial situation is like.
What is your current occupation?
How Many Hours Per Week?
What is your Annual Household Gross Yearly Income?
How would you rate your credit?
Are you Married or Single?
Do you have a spouse or business partner that will be involved in making any business decisions with you? Yes No
Once you have achieved your financial goals what would you do to give back to your community or help your friends or family or Donate time or money to other charities?
Would you like to learn how to start an eBay and Internet Business with no money out of pocket if very little? Yes No
Are you open minded and teachable enough to work one on one with an Internet marketing expert and have them teach you step by step? Yes No
Will you follow thru and take action on what we teach you? Yes No

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